Ces Gens-Là, 2019

Les Valseuses
Ces Gens-Là, 2019

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A spot of natural born winemakers anyone? Instead of Mickey and Mallory, our film stars, Julia and Antoine wizzing around France picking up the best of the bunch grapes, and wizzing them back to their Jura to produce mind blowing-ly special wine in their ancient cellar. Sound romantic? Ces Gens-Là is Gamay infused with Chardonnay juice for 2 months. Yes you read correctly. It's best described as pale, delicate, floral but berry tart. This wine is wild, and we are over the moon with giddiness about having received a super small allocation of their first batch to have ever wash up on these blasphemous shores. My limited French translates 'Les Valseuses' as 'The Testicles'.... I think our intonation would refer to this wine as 'The Nuts'.
Producer: Les Valseuses
Region: Languedoc, France
Grapes: Gamay, Chardonnay
Style: Red
Size: 75cl bottle
ABV: 12.5%