Natural wine, can also be known as Low intervention, Raw Wine, Orange Wine, Bio-Dynamic Wine, Natty Wine and now, Oranj Wine. 

Natural wine makers work with the environment, instead of against it. 

This means their wines are made by intervening as little as possible during the winemaking process.

The grapes are allowed to grow as nature would have it, and become a true expression and representation of the land (Terroir) they’ve grown in. This also means using no pesticides and chemicals.

A matra often used when describing 'natural wine' is 'nothing added, nothing taken away'.

Most modern automation is not used during the production of natural wine. Natural winemakers will often hand pick the grapes.

Every winemaker has their own personal process when it comes to making the wine, this is where creativity and experimentation is weaved into the bottle that ends up on your table.

One day natural wine will be just called 'wine', again.