Oranj: Subscription (FULL HOUSE)

Holly Willcocks
Oranj: Subscription (FULL HOUSE)

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Oranj: Subscriptions is the service we offer people who want sommelier curated natural wines delivered to them on a monthly basis. 

Expect five exciting, funky, clean, cloudy, classy, absolutely face smacking-ly delicious wines. Wines from the full colour spectrum; light reds, dark pinks, orange sunsets, fizzy rosés, juicy whites, and the rest. Together, you and your friends will be sampling your way through a technicolour-ed world of taste and terroir. 

These cases will cover all park picnics, garden parties, beach adventures, BBQs, dinner plans, Netflix 'n Chills, and general weekly adventures inside and outside of your home.

Due to the rarity surrounding the wines our curators select from small vineyards, we have to limit the number of subscribers we can have at one time and grow responsibly with our winemakers, and supply chains.

Every month we release a small amount of new tiered invites:

Tier A: 50 invites sent via email to people who have purchased last months curated case and subscribe to our newsletter.

Tier B: 25 invites sent via email to people those who have used the Bottleshop in the last month, and subscribe to our newsletter.

Tier C: 10 invites are send to random subscribers of our newsletter.

[We currently have a FULL HOUSE and are not taking any new subscribers until the 21st August 10am GMT]